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By Bob DeClerk – Board Member Since 2012

When I was in high school, I was the assistant manager of the student store. During lunch hour we were open selling snacks and school supplies. We had two cash registers and my job was to manage the 4 intellectually disabled high school students who ran the registers and served the customers. It was really enjoyable to help the students manage the rush of customers and watch them interact with the other students. It was also so satisfying to see the student’s proud faces when at the end of the day their register would balance. The students became my friends and I was always so happy when they would see me and run over to say hello. I have always said that this was by far the most fulfilling thing I ever did in high school.

When I moved to Florida, USA Scientific, was utilizing ARC Marion for a project they had with one of our customers. Over time, we became more involved and the ARC Marion clients would actually do the job at the USA Scientific facility. It really reminded me of my experience in high school. A few years later I was asked to join the board of ARC and I jumped at the a great group of people, and to have a positive impact.


Advocacy Resource Center Marion, Inc. is a private, non-profit 501(c)3 corporation that has been helping people develop their abilities since 1959. Advocacy Resource Center Marion, Inc. is a multi-service agency that provides a full range of support programs to hundreds of persons with developmental and intellectual disabilities throughout Marion County, Florida.

The following are services that the Advocacy Resource Center Marion, Inc. provides:

  • Life Skills Development/Adult Day Training: Our ADT program provides a meaningful day program including employment through contracted work with manufacturers in the community, training in the activities of daily living, adaptive skills and social skills. All activities stress independence and self-advocacy in settings that are age and culturally appropriate.
  • Residential Habilitation/Group Homes: Group homes provide supervision and specific training activities that assist the recipient to acquire, maintain, or improve skills related to activities of daily living. The service focuses on personal hygiene skills, homemaking skills, and social and adaptive skills that enable the recipient to reside in the community.
  • Early Intervention Program: The EIP offers play-based pre-school curriculum, physical, speech and occupational therapies and other support for youngsters’ birth to three years of age who have been identified as developmentally delayed. The Goal is to prepare these toddlers to be mainstreamed into public school classrooms.