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Project Description

Initiative Gets the Job Done

ARC Marion supported employment client, William Darnell, knows the definition of the word “initiative.” He used it to find a job on his own and is currently mastering several aspects of his position as a maintenance crew member at Hiers-Baxley Funeral Home Services at Highland’s Memorial Gardens Cemetery for close to 5 ½ years.

William’s responsibilities include blowing leaves with a gas-powered blower, gardening, raking, and he’s even used the commercial mower a few times. Assisting with the measuring of plots and gravesites as well as setting them up allows William to use additional yard tools. He also has the opportunity to help with the raking and gardening at the new Vietnam Memorial that was built last year.

When William is not outside maintaining the grounds, he’s inside helping in the office. It’s his motivation and satisfaction of doing a job well done that has earned him the support and recognition of his supervisor, John Baxley, and his co-worker, Claire, whom he worked with previously at the Coffee Kettle.

William’s willingness to take on additional responsibility has given him added bonuses—he is becoming more independent and is earning more money!