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Project Description

Going on Vacation is a Great Reward!

Richard works at Signature Brands in Ocala. For seven years, he has used his vacation time to travel, over times working on mission trips in Central America with his church. This year, Richard decided he wanted to take a cruise. His supported employment coach, Sherry Bowman, helped him with his vacation time planning at work, and his supported living coach helped him determine how much he needed to save. She assisted him in taking $50 out of his paycheck every two weeks and putting it into a savings account. Through this process, he learned that anyone’s dreams can be met, if they work at it. His coach also helped Richard learn how to find a good price on a good cruise line.

In August, Richard went on a 7-day cruise to Cozumel, Mexico and the Caymans with his sister’s family. He loved the food, watching Broadway shows on board, and shopping in port. He believes that his work in the church had influence on his ability to do this on his own. He said “Every time you help somebody (less fortunate), you get double back.” We are very proud of Richard and can’t wait to see where he’s going next. To that he said, “Wherever the Lord leads!”