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Project Description

Phillip, a quiet, serious boy with a shy smile, started in our Early Intervention Program eight months ago. At that time, his mom said she fed him with a plastic syringe filled with baby food due to his aversion to textures. Phillip qualified for language and occupational therapy. Our therapist began having Phillip lick lollipops and take yogurt from a spoon. After a month, he began to tolerate textures and would eat cereal and pieces of banana. Now he is feeding

himself with a spoon and enjoys a variety of foods.

Phillip loves to learn and will hold up toys so that staff members will name them or tell him what color they are. Our language therapist , Amy, said “Phillip is making wonderful progress in therapy. Initially he was very shy using no words or even sounds. Now he can identify most colors and lots of pictures including animals. Most recently he is beginning to use two-word phrases.” Phillip has a few more months in the program, and we look forward to seeing much more progress before he graduates!