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Project Description

Kimberly LaGreca always dreamed of being a feature vocalist and recently her dreams have started becoming reality. The 26-year-old has been a part of ARC’s Supported Living program for several years and says her favorite thing about ARC Marion is her Supported Living Coach, Miss Wendy.

Kimie loves to sing, and started performing at age 5. Her most memorable singing experience was in front of her whole family at her uncle’s wedding. Kimie recently met up with Dolly Parton’s sister, Stella, (pictured left) who encouraged and inspired her to continue in her dreams of singing full-time. Stella also invited her to record at Attic Entertainment in Nashville this winter. (Contact Ocala Models & Talent at 352-369-1212 for more info).

“I came to ARC, because my Mom wanted me to be more independent,” said Kimie. “I am very happy. Everyone in my family is so proud of me in what I have become.” Kimie, we at ARC Marion are pretty proud of you, too!