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Project Description

Kaden started the Early Intervention Program (EIP) in the fall of 2010. At that time, he did not have any means of sitting up or strengthening his legs. He moved around by rolling. At EIP, he began receiving physical, occupational, and language therapy. Now with the help of his mobile stander, Kaden is able to be upright. He even pulls himself over to the stander so he can get in it.

Kaden also used a gait trainer to strengthen his lower body and is making stepping movements allowing him to move the equipment. Kaden can now sit briefly, supporting himself with his hands. When Kaden began the program, he ate pureed food and has now started eating table food. His parents, Kyle and Leah, said, “We couldn’t be any more pleased with Kaden’s progress since he started the EIP program. We see a huge leap in his progress and are very excited to see what’s to come. We are very blessed to have been accepted into this program.”