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Project Description

Jerry Davis comes from High Point, NC where he attended school until the 11th grade. He is proud of the fact that he passed drivers education while in school and is now working on passing the drivers license exam as a new goal.

Jerry came to Ocala 15 years ago and went to Vocational Rehabilitation to find a job. They directed him to ARC Marion where his first job was working at the I-75 rest area. He then worked in maintenance where he did very well, but he decided to work with the lawn crew after the supervisor of maintenance passed away. Jerry continues to work on the lawn crew and eventually is hoping to get a job in the community with supported employment when the economy gets better.

Jerry travels by bike to get around town and to go to and from his job at ARC Marion. In his spare time you might see him riding to the nearest fishing spot which is his favorite thing to do. He is now living in his own apartment by himself as part of the supported independent living program. Jerry is learning to budget and to maintain his bills and has a long term goal of owning his own house.

We are very proud of Jerry and all that he has done and will accomplish soon!